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swamp dogg - total destruction to your mind
nola r+b meets psychedelic synthesizers

minutemen - the punch line
latin america and corndog pogo

oohpoi - spirals of time
boring? who knows. fell asleep.

nils okland - straum
beautful horns and folkish overtones
gold in the soul

new here, harder than it looks!

Submarines sound colder. Still pretty.

Rapoon--Messianic Ghosts
Patchy hodgepodge. Limited seems understandable.

Not appropriate for perfume commercials.

Shuttle358--Understanding Wildlife
Budd's lawsuit. I still listen.

Voigt distills forests. Underneath loam.

Saul Stokes--Fields
Which fields? Electric or organic.
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Tenenbaums_turntable_by Joaninha

A Miscellany

!!!, Me & Rudy Giuliani Down in the Schoolyard
"Everything's Gone Green" meets "Cavern."

Turkish Delight, Tommy Bell
Giddy, slightly malicious, ear candy.

Cat Power, Myra Lee
Aches, howls, and sighs, beautifully.

James White and the Blacks, Contort Yourself
Arrhythmic dancefloor brio, corrosive lyrics.

Echo Park, Needled
A world falling into chaos.
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CDs I can see from here.

The Boston Camerata - A Medieval Christmas
Jubilant. I'd rather be there.

American Football - [self titled]
First: twinkly. The rest: embarrassing.

All Girl Summer Fun Band - [self titled]
Summery, languid, jangly, and endearing.

The Can Kickers - Dead Music II
Wonderful! Old tunes with energy.

Devendra Banhart - Oh Me, Oh My....
Sometimes grating, better at night.